House Rules

Classes and Races

  • Walker in the Waste’s “Local Drought” can be suppressed while asleep. It cannot, however, be suppressed while in an altered state of mind (DM’s Discretion).
  • Walker in the Waste does not get “Create Sand Golem” at level 6
  • Walker in the Waste gains spells per day and an increase in spellcaster level as per normal at the 1st level.
  • Walker in the Waste does not require divine sourcing for spells.
  • Intelligent Undead and Living Constructs are no longer immune to mind-affecting spells


  • Any individual can willingly use their xp for the creation of an item, not just the creator.
  • Experience for crafting is generally sold at 5gp/xp.
  • Souls are now worth 20*hdĀ±modifiers xp.
    • Sapient souls are worth 5*hd more.
    • Souls of outsiders are worth 2*hd more.
    • Souls of legendary creatures are worth 10*hd more.

House Rules

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