Prologue: Through the Mirror

Beginning their days as mercenaries, the mismatched group found their way to a tavern in the Hoarfrost district of Tarathen. Whilst enjoying themselves on brews and chatter, they were confronted by four mysterious armed men, who proceeded to attempt to slay them.

The target was made out to be the group’s necromancer, Tarkanos, and a map was found leading down into the vast sewer system. Following the map, the group found their way to a small lair which played host to a group known as the Cold Tide, a group of undead hunters seeking to purify Tarathen of undead.

After the defeat of the Cold Tide, they returned to the marketplace above and continued their shopping. At the market square, they encountered a merchant’s tent guarded by hunters selling their wares: catfolk pelts. This brought the ire of the group’s catfolk ranger, Alyryssus. Quickly befriending the leader of this band of hunters, Tarkanos soon learned of the location of their main camp. As soon as his ruse was over, however, he was quick to betray his new friends, the party slaughtering them in cold blood in the middle of the market square. Mid-fight, they were joined by an elven rogue by the name of Gaearil, marking her entrance to the fellowship.

They made their way to the main camp of the hunters, a wooden fort in the south of Tarathen. Through hard battle, and much self-injury from the way of their barbarian Orglok, they conquered the camp and took it as their own. After the battle, a summons came from an ethereal messenger, beckoning the party back to Tarathen to meet a member of the higher castes, Baron Elric Morgenstern.

Upon their meeting, Morgenstern entreated the party to retrieve an ancient relic from the Cave of Life. Making their way there, they entered and were immediately met on entrance by a large earth elemental, brought forth by the summoning trap they carelessly blundered over. Making their retreat further into the cave, they stumbled upon a trap of avarice, which kept them confused for only mere moments before they continued on their path. Quickly dispatching mimics and even a juvenile white dragon, they came to a fork in the road between the paths of body and mind.

Choosing the path of mind, they quickly bypassed a false sacrifice puzzle, only to be stumped by a talking door. The necromancer took his time to intimidate the door, proving successful and finding his way through. The next door, hidden by a blood lock, only opened after the slaying of a mirror image of the party’s healer, Casandra. The next room contained a trap for the party, a paladin and three clerics of the Cold Tide, seeking vengeance for their fallen comrades and the death of the undead necromancer.

Swiftly dispatching the zealots, the party continued to the next room, discovering the intended goal they came for: the Ankh of Altrea. Upon grasping the Ankh, the goddess herself appeared before the party, naming them her chosen and giving the assurance she is watching.

Returning to the city, the party chose not to return the ankh to Morgenstern. Instead, they followed the call of adventure when a crier warned citizens not to enter the memorial graveyard, as undead had risen. The party quickly moved, dispatching the walking dead and Tarkanos even taking a wraith as his own companion. They continued down into the crypts, finding and looting the treasure of the dead, including a peculiar talking sword named Eran. Continuing on, they met three exiled members of a group of necromancers known as the Scions of Change, whom they slew with rapidity.

The Scions of Change were met at their base in Fort Orath by the party, who talked their way through all but the guards at the front gate. Upon reaching the leaders, their disguises were blown, and they chose to fight instead of balk away. The leader of the Scions of Change grabbed the holy Sickle of Ereth from its pedestal, beginning a collapse of the entire complex as they fought. As the party won, the necromancer grabbed the sickle from the corpse of the leader, which teleported them all out of harm’s way to the realm of Ereth, where they met the manifestation of the God himself.

Upon being teleported back to Tarathen, they were met by the strange sight of a man in black running down the street followed closely by guards. Choosing to help the man, the orc barbarian stumbled into the guard’s path and the necromancer subdued them with a spell of despair. The party then chose to pursue the man in black, following him through the streets and sewers, stumbling upon the well hidden Thieve’s Guild of Tarathen. Gaining information on Falanyx, who they learned of in their studies past, they were quickly pointed to the Tower of Magi in southern Tarathen.

Making their way to the Tower of Magi, the party soon discovered that the mages of the tower were under the domination of an unknown individual. Those who could not be dominated were simply tossed aside and killed. Fighting their way up the tower, they dispatched of the living, dominated wizards, making their way to the top. Upon reaching the top, they met a man who addressed himself as Balron Eriven, and found an object known as the Orb of Falanyx.

Upon defeating Balron, he reached out to grasp the orb, crushing it in his grasp. The party was sucked into the ensuing vortex, dragging them into another reality – one where peace is but a dream.


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